Friends and Family Test

What is the Friends and Family Test

It’s a way of gathering anonymous feedback about your recent experience and it will enable us to understand what we do well and what aspects of the care we offer could be improved.  The responses you give are not linked to your name or your medical records in any way.

You can feedback after an appointment, a telephone consultation, a home visit or phoning/attending the practice for administrative things such as a repeat prescription or blood result.

How does it work?

After having any type of contact with the practice you will have the opportunity to answer the following question:

“How likely are you to recommend our GP practice if they needed similar care or treatment?”

You will be invited to respond by choosing one of six options, ranging from “extremely likely” to “extremely unlikely”

To give more detailed and local feedback you will then be asked a follow up question chosen by the practice.

How will I be asked the question?

At reception there will be slips of paper with the Friends and Family Test questions which should be placed in the collection box in the reception area.  You can also take part here

Who can give feedback?

Any patient registered with the practice can give feedback after each and every contact if you want to, as a carer or a relative you can also give feedback.

What if I need help to complete the form?

Your carer, friends and relatives or our staff can help you but they must not answer for you.

How will my comments be used?

The staff at the practice will meet regularly to look at your feedback and see what action can be taken.  We will then share with all the patients the feedback themes and anything we have done as a result of comments received.

Do I have to respond to the questions?

No participation is totally voluntary but if you do respond you will provide valuable information for us to ensure you have the post possible experience of care.  We are keen to hear from you whether feedback is positive, negative or indifferent.

How is my response managed?

The responses you give are NOT linked to your name or your medical records in any way.  All responses are anonymous.